Google Hot Trends

Google has launched another flavor of Google Trends which they have named as Google Hot Trends. In Google Zeitgeist, they used to show most popular search terms and then Google Trends helped in comparing the popularity of different search terms but there was always requirement to see the latest search trends…as what are the search terms which are hot now-a-days. Google Hot Trends is what fulfills that need.


Now you can see what are the hot search terms or topics at present.

For each Hot Trend, you will see results from Google News, Google Blog Search and web search, which help explain why the search is hot.

Presently, Hot Trends is only in English and available for US search terms – everything in real time. I love the word – “real time“.


Here is what it shows for search term – children s week –



Anyone sensing latest competitor to Digg, in progress!!

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