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Hi Readers, as they say that you should share invites you have at hands with your readers as a good blogging practice, here is what I am going for, for first time. In fact, I got them for first time after Gmail invites πŸ˜‰ but they are worthy.


I have received five invites for Freebase. Comment here if you want to be part of this next BIG Internet application and database.


Freebase is the next best thing going to happen to Web after Google!


Free + Database = Freebase
It’s about film, sports, politics, music, science and everything else all connected together. Our contributors are collecting data from all over the internet to build a massive, collaboratively-edited database of cross-linked data. It’s a big job and we’re just getting started.


Just imagine that you are going to have all the things at one place just like Google Products but in different dimension. All the data, information including people, profiles, movies, music, technology and whatever category you think of, organized in much better way (there are data types for all kind of data and lot like this – Domains, Types, Topics) and you, the user, are at the center-stage. You can add, modify, delete and upload the information which is verified by others and can further be changed. is home to a global knowledge base: a structured, searchable, writeable and editable database built by a community of contributors, and open to everyone. It could be described as a data commons.



No, don’t confuse it with Wikipedia. Once you use Freebase, you will come to know that Freebase is much well organized and mannered than Wikipedia and is able to hold much bigger knowledge base in a very flexible and systemized way at the same time.


It’s an apple versus an orange: each is deliciously different. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia with information arranged in the form of articles. Freebase is more of an almanac, organized like a database, and readable by people or software. Wikipedia and Freebase both appeal to people who love to use and organize information. In fact, many of the founding contributors to Freebase are also active in the Wikipedia community. Whenever Freebase and Wikipedia cover the same topic, Freebase will link to the Wikipedia article to make it easy for users to access the best of both sites.



Why registration is required and why there is need to log in to add information?


Because at present time, Freebase is in alpha stage and things are improving as well as moving quite fastly and systematically. With its beta launch, Freebase will be open to everyone without requiring any registration.



Right now, Freebase is enjoying membership of 2,632 users (I am one of them) with total of 2,299,163 topics scattered between 667 types. Freebase has already got coverage from leading technology news websites and media including New York Times , ZDNet and TechCrunch.


It’s free and will always be free.

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