Zooomr looking out for funds

Kristopher Tate – only developer of Zooomr has made a post over Zooomr Blog referring to the back-track from the investors –


Our initial investor heard we were cash positive and has decided to pull their money out of our accounts.


Although the guy is still committed and hard-working but one reason that I can understand behind the turn from investors can be the failure of Zooomr to keep up with the promises and making a successful Mark III release, scheduled in first half of last month. The cause can be the un-affordable servers but still commitments are supposed to be held.


At the same time, on his birthday, Kristopher has asked for more investors to appear for this upcoming sensation.


we’ve started to look for fresh investment. We know there are angels, VCs and other investors reading our blog – so if you think you can help, please let us know!


I have been using this photo-hosting service since very start of it and still I myself expecting few great changes in this service!

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