Social Networking Software

ONESite Solutions have a social network solution for your existing website to connect to people all over the web. You can deploy the software on just one click by entering your website details.


ONEsite is all about online communities. Our social network software platform includes built in blogging, photo and video sharing, messaging, forums, groups, and chat. Small groups, clubs, organizations, teams, families, fan clubs, and more can create their own online community with our basic tools for free. The network is customizable. Our easy-to-use tools mean anyone can create their network without knowing HTML or any programming.


I could had thought of going for it but perhaps, its customization will ruin a week of mine, very easily – I like things going my way than just deploying them!


If you are ready to spend few bucks (perhaps more than few) for enormous traffic, you may like to go for it. After all, it is Web 2.0 coming to your website!!

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