New YouTube Features

YouTube has released new feature for its TestTube. It is codenamed Active Sharing using which you can know who else is watching the same video at the same time. Hence, you come to know about people with same interest. This is another step towards social network over YouTube over recent days. the feature is described as follows –


Are you a video trendsetter, an expert at finding the cool stuff on YouTube? Now you can share what you find immediately by Active Sharing with other YouTube users. Click the “Start Active Sharing” button, then go watch some videos. Your username will show up on the page of the videos as you watch them, and a list of the latest ones you’ve seen will appear in your profile.


So it is moderated on the basis of user interest. If you don’t want to reveal your identity over YouTube, that is fine and no one will know what you are watching else, you are welcome to open to the rest of the world! It would be much better if ability to chat in real-time over YouTube had also been added in this feature so that people can also share their views. Right now, all they can do is to comment over video to let others know about their impression.

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