Bookmarks are places in Firefox 3

Here is small list of major features of upcoming version of Mozilla Firefox (codenamed Gran Paradiso) –


  • Support for Vista Parental Control
  • Bookmarks are now called places and more flexible to be organized
  • Support for more languages including some Indian languages like Punjabi and Gujarati
  • Does not interfere with customization options of other features
  • Save Web page as PDF
  • Unify add-ons management system and add plugin management system
  • Install Add-on without requiring a browser restart
  • Offline web browsing
  • Integration of Group Profile Policies with Windows Group Policy
  • Support search engine shortcut keys
  • Resizable search bar (right now, it can be done using Searchbar Autosizer extension )
  • Quickly group similar tabs together


Some of these are already shipped with alpha versions of Firefox 3 and some are at Risk but still, there are great promises from Firefox team.


The schedule has been updated for next release of browser but still it isn’t complete although first beta will be released on July 31. It is expected to be released in last quarter of this year.


(Planned features for Firefox 3 is blocked under SonicWall category: Games for me huh…these bloody firewalls :roll:)

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