Map of Blogosphere

A study of Blogosphere for 6 weeks and a map on the basis of active and interconnected parts of blogosphere! Big ones are with more incoming links and smaller with fewer.



Recent studies suggest that nearly 60 million blogs exist online, and about 175,000 more crop up daily (that’s about 2 every second). Even though the vast majority of blogs are either abandoned or isolated, many bloggers like to link to other Web sites.

4 thoughts on “Map of Blogosphere”

  1. Nice site to know about you friend. Blogs posted via u are too goood . Soon we will party again and perform( if people around will allow us to 🙂 ) amazingly.
    Life is all about Leaving some solid image about you and your thoughts in the mind of each and every individual, you meet in this journey.

    thoda lengthy and complex ho gaya si, but tu samjh jayega.

    Chal ash kar bbye take care keep posting your blogs.

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