How does it feel when you get a mail from your favorite University lecturer from where you completed your graduation about 3 years ago? Specially when you come to know that you are part of he address book of that great personality. It happened to me.


And I have no words to express my feelings. I got remembered those classes, bunks and the legend who was hard enough to his students & always guided them in right way.


I also felt while remembering those days that I can also right a book like “Five Point Someone” at this stage…so don’t wonder if you get to hear another name like that from yours truly in near future!


So I was talking about one of my very favorite teachers during my graduation – Dr. Rajesh Kumar Bawa. I wouldn’t go into his educational background but he is Ph.D. in Mathematics from IIT, Kanpur and really a great ideal brainy teacher a student can dream of. He had just joined univ the year our batch had started and ours was first batch he has started teaching. He was a source of inspiration to most of us and was ever-ready to guide us. Although his tests were really a big challenge to us and rarely anyone crossed the threshold set by him. He had taught us Mathematics, Data Structures, Graphics and few other subjects of my interests :). And he was great motivator. I still remember that he was the only faculty member present at the venue of Robot Competition during TechDisha 2003 @ Punjabi University when our team was participating and it stood 2nd in it. He was one of the inspiration behind performing so well. His mysterious smile remained always an unsolved puzzle to us 🙂 .



Few things make me always nostalgic – Family, Old memories, Teachers, Mates, Managers and Colleagues :M( .

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