Bheja Fry

It is turning out to be a big movie week for me before leaving for home (a big event is coming). First Provoked, then The Shwank Redemption and now Bheja Fry.


Ultimate Hindi comedy movie (although copied from its French counterpart) that I have seen after years which will make you laugh, no matter how serious you are!



Must watch and if you are thinking of getting an opportunity like I got with our team party, you don’t need to wait for that. Vinay Pathak & Ranbir Shorey duo and Rajat Kapoor – they make it one full of fun with the help of Sarika and Milind Soman.


Vinay as Bharat Bhushan and Ranbir as Asif Merchant are typical Indian income tax officers in movie plus Vinay has a zeal to become a singer no matter how does he sing! The way he folds and unfolds his life-story/biography and his laughing style ha ha ha (although stolen from Great Indian Comedy Show Ha Ha Ha) is too much funny. And there are few of his pet dialogues in movie like “It is Ringing” and “Redial” which make you giggle again and again. Cricket is also one of the masalas of movie along-with the censored words – now if you don’t know what does they mean, keep searching for their meanings like … 🙂 .


And what not, there are some serious turns in movie with Sarika at center stage along with Milind but Vinay never leaves anything to turn them into humorous situations.

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