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Today I got a the mail from Twitter just like other Twitter users would have and that mail briefed the BIG achievements Twitter has made in very small span of time including the awards it received in as much less words as it could be. I think, it is better to paste the content of mail than writing more about it because that is the best way to make someone join this newly evolving revolution over Web amid to Web 2.0 –


Hello Twitter-ers,


Whew, it’s been crazy since we got back from Texas almost a month
ago. You guys have been twittering like mad and lots of new
folks have signed up to make things even more interesting. We’ve
spent some extra engineering time here and there to make Twitter
more accommodating and we’re happy to do it! Those of you who are
fans of using instant messenger with Twitter will be glad to know
that IM service has returned. Come on by,


We Won Some Stuff

While we were in Texas, Twitter won the SxSW Web Award. We were
excited when we went on stage but Jack kept our speech short,
“We’d like to thank you all in 140 characters or less–and we just
did!” After SxSW, Twitter-fever started to spread. This morning,
we were informed that Twitter has been selected as an Official
Honoree in The 11th Annual Webby Awards. Now we feel kinda fancy
but a lot of this attention is because you guys keep Twittering
and inviting friends to Twitter. You rock!


Twitter In The News

The Financial Times ran a front page article about Twitter
followed by a flurry of coverage from The New York Post, TIME
Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, MIT Technology Review,
USA Today, and others. The local television news even came by our
office one afternoon. Now my next door neighbors think I’m some
kind of expert (don’t tell them the truth!).


Going Hollywood

My friend Greg directs tv shows and films and he’s got a new
series premiering on FOX this Sunday night called “Drive.” The
show was created by the same guy who made Firefly and stars the
same lead actor, Nathan Fillion. Greg is going to do Twitter-style
director’s commentary during the premiere. Follow along if you
like, just text FOLLOW FOXDRIVE to 40404 or visit the foxdrive
profile page:


Congratulations Alex and Timoni!

There was a 9 minute delay between Alex twittering,
“Being engaged. Timoni said yes!” and Timoni updating with,
“Wearing my ‘I’m engaged!’ pin.” I didn’t even know engagement
pins were a thing but they must be because Alex, Twitter engineer
extraordinaire and his lovely fiancé Timoni are getting hitched.
Which reminds me, Alex also lovingly updated the Twitter API
documentation recently:


One last thing for folks who use the Javascript badge. If you
wouldn’t mind heading back over to
and grabbing the updated code, the time will show up properly in
your badge again. Thanks!


Happy Twittering,
– Biz Stone and the Twitter Team

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