Our Dear Aunt

I just thought of than an angel personality who has been so helpful for we 3 bachelor guys in Gurgaon during our start days here. She is our neighbor…about 40+ years old (never ever dared to ask her age!)…speaks too softly and slowly and above all, she is very helpful.


We never had be so comfortable if she hadn’t been there at first place. She is the one who provided us the basic necessities for bachelors. First thing for which I wanted to thank her for is the cooking gas. It was her initiative for asking us if we need any gas at home and we hadn’t even started thinking about it. That was the first vital help we got from her.


The second rescue that we remember from out of her thousands of favors is the cable connection. She provided us with a back link of cable from her own (shhhhhh it is illegal in India to use one connection for 2 different homes…but she understood the necessity 🙂 ).


These are the two best things which we always remembered and will always remember till we are in our Sec 23A home because we still pay our 50% part to her every month saving other 50%.


It has been more than two long years here at Gurgaon.


PS: I thought of mentioning it because just few days ago, finally after 2 years, Cable operator caught the link and cut the connection for both of the homes. And after we accepted our fault and few excuses, Aunt got the connection back…and possibly we will too…after few more days!

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