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I came across this article titled – Play safe on Orkut, which beautifully lists down the merits and threats of using Orkut. Not to mention, Orkut is driving third biggest number of users from India. Although there are huge number of advantages for using Orkut but recent happenings in India like fake profiles, Hate India Communities and rave party has also alarmed about misuse of this social networking baby of Google.


EVERY DAY THERE are more than 15 million hits on the website Orkut.Com. As every coin has two sides, “Orkut” is great program for social networking but it has also given a huge rise to many cyber crimes. The problem with these highly popular community portals is that they become the first target for spammers, hackers, information thieves, spambots, trolls and just-for-fun type freaks. Orkut is being highly misused and the number of fake profiles, cloning of profiles and information theft is on the rise. Let’s look at what orkut offers, what it does not and how to save our info from getting misused.


Although Orkut can be fun, it could a place for spammers/hackers/anonymous people to grab your personal details and use against you, you just need to be little careful to avoid your personal data from getting misused.


I would say that if you are aware about use of your profile, tech savvy and quite sure of keeping your identity safe, only then you are supposed to jump into social networking pool – it is much bigger than what you can imagine which covers almost whole world!


Thank you, Inder for pointing to this article.

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  1. A whole lot of social networking sites are coming up these days. Following Orkut’s footsteps a lot of them are coming up thinking to be another Orkut. As you rightly said, Orkut is indeed leaving some negative effects to people, especially to the younger generation. It has become a sort of addiction for people these days.
    I hope I dont get more into it.
    Check this,

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