Why I Left Islam

A story that I happened to read. A person who left Islam after reading Holy Quran when s/he felt uncomfortable while reading the teachings. And in the end, it is said that,


My rejection of Islam is not based on the bad deeds of the Muslims but on the bad teachings of its holy book and on the bad deeds of its founder. Many cruelties and heinous acts of violence, perpetrated by Muslims throughout the centuries were inspired by the Quran and the Sunnah (the examples of the prophet). That is why I condemn ISLAM for the bad things that Muslims do. Any effort to humanize Islam is a waste of time. The obstacle to any reform is Quran.

I don’t know how much truth is there in this story but all the references given to University of Southren California‘s The Noble Qur’an section in USC-MSA Compendium of Muslim Texts, over the website, worked fine for me.


I am also feeling very much disturbed after reading the text šŸ™ and also feeling grief for not reading much of the religious texts in life so far.

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