Response from Google to Yahoo for going infinity

Google responded to Yahoo!‘s announcement for taking Yahoo! Mail to infinity is – they are going infinity plus one.


The idea is said to come out from an engineer at Google named Greg Tomkins who got this idea from an interesting event –

“I was out in the yard when my kids ran up to me yelling at each other.  My son said to my daughter, ‘I hate you to infinity.’ She replied, ‘I hate you to infinity plus one.’  And right then I knew I had the solution to competing with unlimited storage,” said Tomkins.


Plus one means all emails of your Yahoo! mail count plus one more email in your Gmail account :M) .


And Yahoo! response came out as –

“We will be making an announcement shortly about our million-trillion-billion infinity storage,” and added, “Neener, neener, neener.”

And Hotmail is said to be backed up saying –

“can’t offer unlimited storage, they can delete all your e-mail at random intervals in conjunction with their Live OneCare service, to make sure you never run out of space.”


War is heating up for something better ;M) .

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