Downtime of Top Twenty Sites at Alexa

Pingdom, an uptime monitoring company, has published its list of Downtime in 2007 for the 20 most popular websites, over its blog – Royal.

These are the 20 most popular websites in the United States, according to Alexa.


Site		Downtime
 1		   0m
 2		   7m
 3		1h 0m
 4		2h 45m
 5		   6m
 6		4h 44m
 7	   25m
 8	2h 23m
 9	1h 9m
10		1h 48m
11		   21m
12		4h 47m
13		   8m
14		   3m
15	   13m
16		   22m
17	   	   3m
18		   29m
19		   30m
20	1h 23m

Yahoo! is the only website having zero downtime. Even Google, Flickr, Wikipedia and Blogger have been going through heavy downtimes under the heavy traffic.

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