Taal, Water, Save the last Dance and 300

Watched movies over this weekend


Taal in morning which is my all time favorite because it has right mixture of drama and reality. And not to forget music and dance!

Water in afternoon – A crap from Deepa Mehta. She want to show ho bad our past is instead of showing how we recovered out of it. She doesn’t want to ignite the spirit inside Indians but literally wants to put water over the fire inside them. She wants to ignite the feel of hatred inside the countrymen. This is how I perceived the movie. She showed how bad our past was, how much we used to cry, the Sati Pratha and all but she didn’t think it necessary to elaborate the efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Rai to get rid of that curse. Only dialog that I liked went something like – “…un brahminon ka kabhi aadar mat karna jo apne matlab ke liye dharm ka dhong karte hain…”

But one thing, our generation is the best. The past gen kept fighting against such imprecations and our next gen is going to bring back their ill implications!

And Save the last dance in evening – a really soothing movie after heavy effects of Water. I will like to watch this movie again.


Sleep till evening.

300 @ Metro PVR. Wow man. What a movie it is showing the bravery of Spartans.

Ultimate graphics effects.

Greeks, Persians, Achillians, giants, souls and immortals. But then, brave always win – the hearts of people and battlefield.

Once again, got reminded – Veer Bhogya Vasundhra.

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