Feedburner feed and WordPress problem

I as facing problem with my feedburner feed for my wordpress blog. Feeds weren’t getting published since I had installed very few new plugins. Whenever I tried refreshing the feed at Feedburner, no page was displayed with following error –


Feeds with DTDs are not supported.


And going into depth, I found that it was the error from my WordPress blog with following message –


It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet. Try running install.php.


By drilling down to the problem, I found that this error is thrown even if the title or the name of blog isn’t found which was the reason. I was just trying out the new WordPress plugin for my blog – Optimal Title. And by going with that, I had made few changes to my blog title in header.php file which in turn resulted in this error and some wastage of time too plus lot of concern :roll:. Now finally, I have disabled the plugin and experimenting with it. Will update if anything worked out.


PS: So now you know the reason that why your feed reader didn’t show up the posts that I wrote yesterday!


Moral: Always keep track of your activities so that you can trace them back easily.

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  1. I’m sorry you happened to run across issues while using my Optimal Title plugin. If you look on the plugin page there is an example of how to make the code safe even if the plugin cannot be found. The code is virtually identical to the WordPress source, so it’s strange that it would blow up unless the code was malformed somehow. I have had one other report of Optimal Title having compatibility issues with some other plugins, but haven’t gotten any more details beyond that. If you’re still having issues, I would appreciated it if you could send me a list of what plugins you are using and I can look in to it further. Good luck!

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