Check hardware compatibility for Vista

If you are planning to purchase Windows Vista, it would be better if you first check whether your hardware will be in tune with your new OS.



Microsoft has launched a website – Windows Quality Online Services (doesn’t open in Firefox like most of other new Microsoft websites), for the hardware compatibility check. There are variety of options to choose from in order to make the satisfactory check which include Processor Type, Component category and the Company, components of which you want to check before buying. Once the test is started, you can see the Windows Vista Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for the selected options.


The Windows Vista Hardware Compatibility List is a comprehensive list of logo’d products – both Devices and Systems – that are compatible with Windows Vista.


Here is the welcome note over website –


Welcome to the Windows Vista Hardware Compatibility List. This site allows the user to navigate and search a comprehensive list of logo’d hardware products that work with Windows Vista – from components to input devices, peripherals to mobile devices and everything in between.

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