I came across few tips over different websites which I found, can prove to be useful in regular life.


First I found on how to hold a pen for beautiful writing posted by lazybytes. It explains few very interesting ways to hold a pen and teaches about different writing styles.


The second one is about How to spend Sunday to the fullest. There are total 15 tips given over the article and I found that I was following almost all of them to make my weekends leisureful :). Some of them which I liked are as follows –


  1. Getup at 12 in the afternoon. Even though you get up early, but don’t leave your bed room until 12 o’ clock.
  2. Wait for someone make coffee or tea for you.
  3. Watch TV. you know there is no best way for Time pass than watching TV.
  4. And make sure you just don’t get up from your place. Just lie down and watch as many stupid programs as you can.
  5. Oh. I think its 7 o clock in the evening.
  6. Whenever you fell like sleeping. Just switch off the TV and sleep.


Interesting :).

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