Yahoo Answers on verge of Social Networking

Yahoo! Answers is a website targeted towards providing answers to the questions from the people all around the world. Now a new feature has been rolled out for Yahoo! Answers – Answers Network (Beta).

Have you ever come across knowledgeable people on Answers who always ask, answer, and star interesting and helpful questions that you wish you could find again and again? Now you can with the addition of the Answers Network.


It is referred to as Knowledge Network for users. As Yahoo says, it is for –

making your visits more personalized and more likely to lead to great epiphanies.


There are reference to Yahoo! services – Flickr or for understanding the benefits of model.


It will help users in getting more precise and useful answers from the people in their network which they think, can give better answers.

Now you can connect with people whose knowledge you value.



You can also invite your friends to join your network but there is no feature for importing contacts from your address book.

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