Picasa Web Albums major updates and Blogger integrated

Good news from Google.


All of sudden there are lot more updates over Picasa Web Albums. Here I am listing some of eye catching updates.



One, Picasa Web Albums has just been upgraded err updated to 1 GB of free storage and counting as Google blog reports (previously it was 250 MB) – Direct 4 fold increase. That’s why we love Google.


Secondly, now you can manage your Blogger blog’s photos using Picasa Web Albums. All the photos from the Blogger blog will appear under user’s My Photos section. It seems that it will start functioning only once you have upgraded your old Blogger blog to new Blogger.

The titles of these Blogger web albums match the titles of their respective blog posts.



Sometime ago, Google had made it mandatory to upgrade your old Blogger blogs to new one and also unified the Blogger to the Single Sign On feature of Google where Blogger service was also made part of other incorporated Google services. And for first time in history of Blogger, you will be able to delete the already uploaded photos over your blog using web albums :).


Thirdly, now you can easily link to your Picasa Web photos from any Blog or website. A link to the photo is also shown on right sidebar when a photo is  opened from your albums. Yes new links are added in sidebar.



Still I think that if Google is seriously interested in becoming a leading photo sharing service, it should go for providing unlimited storage just like Yahoo! Photos.

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