Mobile Browsers

If you are looking out for a good mobile browser for your cell phone, here is a list which I can suggest –


  1. Opera Mobile from Opera –
    1. Different rendering modes
    2. Keypad shortcuts
    3. Web address auto complete
    4. Window interface
    5. Password manager
    6. Search on page
    7. Save images
    8. Send MMS
  2. Thunderhawk from Bitstream
    1. No need for WAP or cHTML. View websites as they look in your desktop browser
    2. Full screen and Split screen view
    3. Re-establishment of broken connection without data loss
    4. 128-bit encrypted browsing
    5. AJAX support
    6. Support for multiple mobile platforms
    7. Image compression
    8. Pop Up control
  3. JB5 from Jataayu (beta)
    1. Personalize/Preserve form values
    2. Lock personalized folders
    3. Import bookmarks from PC
    4. Supports WAP Push messages
    5. Window interface
    6. Search on page
    7. Multiple browsing modes
    8. Turn images on/off

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