CricTV – Cricket website

CricTV is the only rival website to, launching in ages on the eve of first match of India in World Cup 2007. If Sixer is about networking cricket lovers, CricTV is a YouTube for them.

CricTV is an online community for anyone anywhere in the world who shares a love for cricket. Its about getting to know your fellow fans; creating games and clubs; and enjoying video clips and photos (you can even upload your own, even from your mobile phone). You can reconnect with your old friends and begin new ones. You can join one of the existing online cricket clubs or even create your own to discuss cricket.



CricTV is more about hosting media related to cricket be it photos or videos. They are also planning to provide selective video footages of cricket matches during World Cup. Perhaps, they can be planning to launch live cricket commentary for world cup matches.


Sixer has recently launched the Crazy fans’ Stories competition to catch up with the cricket world cup wave and there is huge rush running into it.


Both of the cricket websites seems to be making good revenues from advertisements (which are hanging all over the left out blank spaces) specially when they are capturing the big fan following of cricket from all over the world and are the top spots to land over during ICC World Cup 2007!


But why Gmail marked my CricTV activation mail as SPAM?

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