Yahoo! Mail Beta requires Firefox and nothing less

If you are using Firefox 2, it is not enough to load your Yahoo! Mail Beta. Yesterday when I was trying to login to my beta account, it showed me error message saying that Yahoo! Mail Beta requires Firefox or above. Therefore Firefox with 2 isn’t enough for Yahoo! Now what does that mean? Is Yahoo! running with the technology that as soon as the bugs are fixed, Yahoo! upgrades. I can still recall that the initial requirement for Yahoo! Mail Beta was Firefox 1.0 or higher / IE 5.5 or higher? And as the Firefox versions upgraded, Yahoo! also upgraded in similar manner.



As far as I can recall, Firefox wasn’t more than just few security issues fixed.



And when I tried searching the Yahoo Mail updates blog or here, here is the error I got –

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL which is required for WordPress.

I am surprised! A Yahoo! blog and such negligence :|.

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