Chunky Hypothesis

Now when the ICC World Cup 2007 is approaching, I wanted to disclose an hypothesis which is very much a fact. It has been a bit more than a year in Gurgaon and the same period with my roomies. And there is one thing which is related to cricket and us in particular.


Whenever Pankaj supports Indian team by watching their matches (be it a test or an ODI), over television in Gurgaon, Indian team looses. And it has happened every time Chunky was sitting in front of TV shouting at Indian team.


Although he is a passionate cricket lover and a fantastic player but he needs to understand that if he wants Indian team to win, he should avoid watching Indian team’s matches. It is looking very much possible in this world cup because matches are in night and there is 95% probability that he will be sleeping down in between the first innings  because he is trying to sleep early these days :).


No one of us has courage to speak about this hypothesis with Chunky looking after his enthusiasm for cricket.


More I will be updating during World Cup.

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