Java weds Microsoft

And not Java Vs. Microsoft. I always used to think that it is almost impossible to make something involving both Microsoft and Java technologies. You can never make any kind of syncro between the two. You can’t bring Microsoft’s OLE in Java or Java’s Threading inside Microsoft’s dev environment.



Then I came to know about people who constantly keep trying for bridging these two techs despite too many complications and complexities. The complications which can drive you nuts. There are people who want marriage between MSVM & JVM and they make it happen. Those people are too good to say something who are sacrificing their long precious hours for one of the best programming causes. It is only because of their efforts that people are able to use OLE within J2EE and embed Microsoft office applications like Microsoft Word inside Java applications.



I am proud to have become member of this community. The THING is ready and it involves J2EE, COM Objects and AJAX. It is the web application once I dreamt about.


Every sentence said above is absolutely true till Dec 2007 because after that, no one knows what will be the next agreement between Microsoft and Sun.

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