Automation server can’t create object

When you get an error in IE 7 saying –


Automation server can’t create object


One of the reasons can be that you are trying to call a DLL/ActiveX file registered on your PC or existing over Internet which is marked as not safe by Microsoft software. If you are sure that you are using the right control (which you aren’t most of the times because you are using third party DLLs and IE takes advantage of your confusion ;)), go through the following procedure in order to use the control –


  1. Go to Tools > Internet options > Security > Custom Level
  2. Under the ActiveX controls and plug-ins, select Enable for Initializing and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe.


You have to bring down your browser’s security in order to run the control.


And if you are doing the same using Firefox/Firefox 2, let me tell you, the problem is worse. You will be getting following error – ActiveXObject is not defined if you have some scripting inspector or no error at all. These objects are not accessible from script in Firefox, not even on the Windows platform/IE.


If you are a developer and you still want to tackle the problem, all you will need to do is to download Sarissa which  is a cross-browser wrapper for native XML APIs.It supports following browsers –


Firefox and family, Internet Explorer with MSXML3.0 and up, Konqueror (KDE 3.3+ for sure), Safari and Opera. Konq, Safari and Opera offer no XSLT/XPath scripting support AFAIK

But if you are planning to distribute your application, in that case, better don’t go that way because then you will have to distribute Sarissa along with app or you will have to ask your users to download and install it.

This problem can also be resolved by running following command –


6 thoughts on “Automation server can’t create object”

  1. hi,

    Im working on displaying list of directories and files in client side.I m using for server and javascript for client side coding.Regarding client side, i cant create the activeX object when using Internet Explorer.
    As you suggested, i had done the above on Internet explorer but still am getting the error “Activation Server cant create object”.Im even restarted my system,but still cant get the result.

  2. hi

    i found this post from a web search. maybe you can help me withthis question

    i have been usng MSXML2.XMLHTTP for the longest time and ti has worked beautifully. but now that i have ‘upgraded’ to XP sp2 and by default IE6 sp2 the MSXML2.XMLHTTP object will not work with a *https* link.

    is there a fix for this?

  3. @Vijay
    I have written about creating ActiveX objects at server side and haven’t tried playing with IE settings for running ActiveX objects at Client side. For that, most probably, client needs to change the IE settings for the same.

    There must be. It is as new problem to me as is to you :). But needs to be explored and there should be any solution…but probably for that, IE settings need not be changed.

  4. well i’ve been fighting for 2 days..for this fukin error..
    and i found the cause….which is..
    1> whenever you try to access system files from your machine…system security layer won’t allow it..
    2> windows script 5.6 update..
    1> open your web browser..go to internet options..choose
    security tab..after that click on custom level
    after that..set options for download signed activex control…set to enable..
    next download unsigned activex control..set to enable..
    (setting this will clear all the problems..
    because when user try to run that script..
    at run time..user trying to load activex control..
    which won’t be created & hence the error..)
    and try to keep the custom settings..medium low or low..
    and windows script 5.6 ..update..i’m not sure..about that
    in case if my written **** won’t work..
    you should try for window script 5.6 update..
    sorry guys i’m lil..drunk right now..but i ‘m right..

  5. yo funny how i disable everything but still get
    2146827859 Description:Automation server can’t create object.. i read that it’s because of activex enabled; everything is enabled on my browser as soon as i deploy my page on a domain i get the error but it works locally..
    any help on this?

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