Firefox will re-launch Extensions website and new 9rules



Well known Firefox extensions aka Add-Ons are going to see the facelift on Monday, Feb 12. Monkey Bites talks about it referring to the meeting with Firefox technology strategist Mike Shaver. here is the valid reason from Mike –



“The site has organically grown since 2000 when it was set up for a couple dozen add-ons,” Mike says. “When we launched Firefox 2, we had 2,500 or so add-ons. There were some issues of scale and performance that we needed to address, but the relaunch will mainly improve navigation and help the users find the add-ons they want.”


I completely agree with Mike because there was a time when I used to visit each section individually and now is the time when I prefer search over looking through the latest additions. Or in other case, I come to know about the useful extensions from the words of others’ mouths.


Also, there is new design – Ali, there on display from 9rules which is said to be a massive change. Here are some majors mentioned


For now we’ll just leave you with a few starting points:

  • 9rules Live – expanded to give readers more options for viewing 9rules member content
  • 9rules Member Site Profile – each 9rules member has a dedicated page for their site
  • Topics – Find information quickly on popular topics
  • my.9rules – customize your experience on 9rules


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