My neighbors among 2000 bloggers website

Now there is official website for 2000 bloggers and I am there in the template (see template in end with my photo highlighted :)). I was thinking of writing about my neighbors in the Photo Montage and I already came across the one written by Meg.


So I am taking it forward introducing my neighboring bloggers – one on my left and one on my right.


1. The blogger to my left is Jake Olson who is an American blogger blogging at A Foreign Perspective.



The name of his blog is inspired from his life at a foreign place – Adana, Turkey. He is living there since September 2004 – the month I had started my career :).



2. The blogger to my right is…well that person don’t have any introduction at all but the blog is official blog of XY35.COM – Blogging Times @ XY35.COM. XY35.COM is Home Of The Goodest Good Blogs ©.





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