Something about NRIs

This post is India specific. And no offenses are meant at all. Specially when it is about average NRIs and I know that most of the NRIs are above than average specially when they have made their own places in developed nations.



Here is someone talking with NRIs and letting an average NRI know about what he thinks about him. This post is meant for those who say – India Sucks, as one who commented, points out.


He starts with –

You leave me speechless at times. Your concern for your homeland and patriotism gives me goose bumps. You are forever obsessed with anything and everything Indian –  cricket, bollywood, kollywood, corrupt politicians, carnatic music, and everything else which one would associate with the word INDIA. 

Nice start with nice bumps. When he mentions Kollywood, that means, he is from somewhere around Tamilnadu. Then he mentions –


…if a kid gets lost in an Indian city even for a moment, for you that’s a sufficient enough evidence to conclude India is unsafe for children…Every third post in your blog would be about the lack of discipline in Indian roads, the corrupt political system, the unscrupulous bureaucracy, the snail’s pace functioning of government departments etc.


Now here, I completely agree with him. He is so true when he mentions about the blog posts of an average NRI. They don’t write but they put out the grief they were living with in India and an average Indian feels more volcanic than ashamed while reading their blogs. An Indian wouldn’t like to call that NRI, an Indian.

Why don’t you try to do something about the subtle racial discrimination you experience day in and day out, especially if you are in Europe?

I would say because they are too coward (I found this word right for those who speak too bad about their motherland) to talk about a place they live in. when they were India, they were happy to live here until they shifted to developed nations.

Why don’t you work towards eradicating the gun culture in your US of A. 

And he says,

If you still find India is getting on to your nerves, please stay where you are. I mean why get into a country which is run by criminals and where the citizens are third rate when you have your place secure in paradise aka USA?


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