Real life cards and stories including Videos, Music and Words

Now you can create real looking stories and no more the ones containing only just photos and text. Now you have option to add audio as well as video in your stories.


MIXPO is the website which provides you ability to create multimedia stories. You can create the stories and publish them on your own website or other online sites.

Mixpo is for Everyday People trying to maximize their potential. It’s the individual who has video, photos or audio that showcases their expertise, creativity, talents, profession, business, services, etc., but doesn’t have the time or energy to figure out how to convert all that multimedia into a story and get it out to their audience. This person is smart, maybe even tech-savvy, but hates to waste time trying to figure out technology that’s meant to make their lives simpler—but actually does the opposite.

Mixpo is based in Seattle and British Columbia which has raised pretty much sexy amount of money for their start-up in 2006 from different investors which include Madrona Venture Group and Working Opportunity Fund (managed by GrowthWorks Capital Ltd.).



Mixpo uses a widget named Mixcard which contains all the information in form of a card (you can call it digital business card) with no size limitation which you can showcase anywhere online as your personal identity be it a website, blog or a social networking website.


In order to change the info in the card, there is a control center named Mix Center. It lets you make changes to your card with just few clicks.


After signing up for the service, you need to download and install Mixpo Publisher plugin/software in order to launch mixpo from your favorite browser. After installation is complete, you can go to your online Mix Center through the icon sitting in your system tray and start creating those cards from your desktop which you always used to dream about :).


(PS: I wasn’t able to get user name – nitesh which was pretty much unusual specially when I try to get this user name for web 2.0 services. Most probably, they have some developer with same name on their board :roll:. netgautam is also not that bad, in fact, better ;).)


Update: There is support for Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, myspace, TypePad and even Yahoo! Geocities but not for WordPress to publish the cards. I just created a card using one of my favorite video songs and here I am going to test it by publishing  the card here –


WOW, it is working but where is the story :(? It is missing here (although story/description didn’t contain anything meaningful). For the description, you will have to go to my Mixpo profile.

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