Techcrunch has posted about this Web 2.0 website today and it is about debate or as techcrunch calls it – competitive arguing :). is the ultimate debating website. First off it’s free to join. You can create any number challenges, and compete in any number of debates that other users create as challenges. Compete for votes, a winning record, and points. It’s your chance to convince the world that you are right! If you get a certain number of points, and have a winning record, you can also have the chance of competing in our Debate Playoffs, with a chance to win a grand prize in the Super Bowl of debating!


It is first of it kinda website which I have noted as I have been also “voracious” debater sometime back in my life and winner too, therefore such websites are certainly bound get my attention 8).



Convince Me is a website about arguing (more than discussing) over different topics as the line goes –

A New Way to Argue

On the landing page, you get to see the most popular OPEN debates, Categories and tags. This website also categorizes the debates in 3 types –

  1. Openly
  2. Battle head-to-head
  3. King of the hill

Right now, the most popular open debate going is – Ninjas versus Pirates. Here are the rules for participating the debates mentioned over the about page –

  1. No profanities directed towards people.
  2. No personal attacks.
  3. No racial slurs.
  4. No threats or implications thereof.
  5. Any violation of these rules will result in the removal of your account.


Sign Up process is pretty easy and fast. Once you sign up, you are also provided with code linking to your profile, to put on your blog. I have put it here –


There is also a watchlist to keep watch on your favorite debates. The option to add to watchlist displayed along-with the open debate.


It can happen to be a place to get to know about the public opinion as well as the latest trends/hot topics.

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