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The following paragraph from news on Rediff summarized the whole reservation issue. No one is going to be in benefit or loss be it the reserved class or the creamy layer but political parties will get the benefit in elections –


My opinion is, between the media and the rest, everybody is making too much noise about reservation. Political personalities use reservation as one more plank to catch votes. Their heart is not bleeding for the poor. Their heart is bleeding for the next election and votes.


The people who oppose reservation are doing so without understanding what it is. Please tell me, if the number of seats is adequate for everybody, where is the question of reservation hurting anybody? You say, the value of an IIT degree will come down.


Listen, the man who employs can find out whether you are recruited on merit or reservation in five minutes. So, why are you making so much noise about reservation?


You mean it is unnecessary?


Yes, it is unnecessary. I need an answer to the question, is reservation necessary? They have had 15 per cent reservation for scheduled castes, and 7.5 (per cent) for Scheduled Tribes for the last 45 years. Have all the Scheduled Castes and Tribes come up?


That is because the creamy layer is grabbing all the benefits.


So, the creamy layer has come up. The same thing is going to happen to this 27 per cent too. In the case of OBCs too, all the benefits will be cornered by a small number of people only. The other large number of people will not get any benefits.


But nobody is bothered about it because taking away the creamy layer is something even Veerappa Moily (the Congress leader heading the committee studying reservations) is not willing to do.


He said, ‘We have left that to the government.’ I don’t understand this. How can he leave it to the government? If he is asked to look into it, he must say, either there is a creamy layer problem and this is the way to tackle it, or he must say, there is no creamy layer problem.

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