KBC with new host

I know I am pretty late to write about it but I have a lot to show than write right now :).










Shahrukh Khan is the new KBC anchor who has frankly mentioned that he wouldn’t be using shudh (pure) Hindi, will be changing the tag lines, trying to get regional with the participants no matter if audience understands or not and is trying his best to completely differ from Amitabh (that no one could figure out, WHY?).







If you are really interested in knowing how new KBC looks like, I would like you to visit following links which have done more than postmortem of first episode of KBC –


KBC Makes a Comeback with Shah Rukh Khan

Kkkk…oun banega kkkk…arodpati

Shahrukh Khan on Kaun Banega Crorepati KBC

SRK Rocks as KBC Host






I haven’t watched any new episode of KBC myself like the first ever winner :P, therefore, I am not the right person to comment on the show.








Here are the videos which I liked and wanted to put down here –


Hip Hop Video (KBC) – Karle Karle Kuch Sawaal



First Episode


Promo of KBC


Another promo of KBC



The promo of KBC I liked the most – First ever one 🙂


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