10 things about WordPress

WordPress 2.1 is going to release today i.e. January 22, 2007. Almost every WordPress user would have heard about it and desperately waiting for the new version as it has some really kool features (which include WordPress-to-WordPress Import as well as extended category management).



Aaron Brazell has written a beautiful and informative post about the 10 (perhaps most important) things that you should know about the latest version of WordPress – WordPress 2.1. Here are the points which are explained on the original post –

  1. Auto-save of Drafts
  2. Better Image Upload Handling
  3. Deprecation of $tableposts, $tablecomments, etc
  4. Plugin Compatibility
  5. Native WordPress Migration Functionality
  6. MySQL Version
  7. New Visual Editor Interface
  8. Merging of Links and Categories
  9. Privacy Features
  10. Nonces

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