I just watched this movie yesterday in PVR. I had great expectation as went the people behind it and therefore was more eager to watch it. At first glance, I liked the Ash-Abhishek combo and the music. It is pretty good in first half which I couldn’t watch properly specially when I missed lot of it. Comedy is good and that is the only thing which kept movie alive and to us, awake.


The heavy dialogues of Abhishek and more generous role of Mithun was another highlight of movie. Vidya Balan was looking pretty but not more than Lage Raho Munna Bhai. Madhavan was just doing his role, nothing special except the usual acting and dialogues delivered to him by the writer.


The story of Guru is good, specially when it is based on the life of one of the top entrepreneurs of India. Music is also rocking – soft and soothing. Direction as well as acting is also good but there was something missing and it was the spirit. When you show the hero as a corrupted industrialist which reaches at the top using money as its ladder and then you show him justifying himself by saying that it was all done by nation’s own government, and that he didn’t know about all the taxes when he started as he was a village-boy, and you show him repeating same dialogue again and again – Jab main Mumbai aaya tha tab mere paas sirf 2 jodi kapde they aur aaj sara desh mere kapde pehanata hai (When I had come to Mumbai, I had only two pairs of clothes and today whole nation wears my clothes), we loose our faith in the person who has no justification for why he gave money to ministers. Although he feels guilty for being called smuggler but he accepts that he did such acts. He gave bribe to ministers, played political games and fooled his partners. Still he claims that he represents the middle class junta of India. I was confused al the way. You show that person more than haughty who is proud of himself for reaching where he is but you don’t show him feeling guilty for all what he did although he accepts that he played dirty games. All what was roaming in my mind was that if someone has to be a true nationalist and has zeal to serve the nation, Indian will be much better option than Gurukant Desai.


The second half of movie becomes much boring to tolerate.


Here are few other dialogues from movie –


Mere gaanv mein ek kahawat hai ki jab log tumhare khilaaf bolne lage, samaj lo taraqqi kar rahe ho

(There is a saying in our village if people say bad things about you, you must be doing something good)


Ladna hai to Gurukant Desai banke lado magar guru kant desai to ek hi hai!!

(If you want to fight, fight like Gurukant Desai but Gurukant Desai is only one)


Main chalna nahi chahta. Main dodna chahta hoon.

(I don’t want to walk…I want to run)


Agar ek din mein kanoon ban sakta hai to ek din mein kanoon badal bhi sakta hai.

(If a law can be made in a day it can be changed in a day)


5 minute diya tha, saade 4 mein khatam kar diya. 30 second ka munafa

(You gave me 5 minutes, I finished in 4.5 minutes. Profit of 30 seconds)


Main public se nahi darta. Main hi public hoon.

(I don’t fear the public. I am the public)


Rating – 7/10

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