Windows Live for TV "Orbit" launched

Windows Live for TV  is latest beta from Microsoft which is a kind of 3D interface for the Windows Live services such as Spaces, Alerts, Contacts etc which are displayed as static links at Windows Live Ideas. But the catch here is that this thing is only for Windows Vista Media Center users and Windows XP/Media Center users can’t access it.


The official Windows Live for TV – Orbit Team blog introduces it as –


Windows Live for TV is an early beta 3D browser application that makes it easy to connect to your social network as well as friends and family from within Vista Media Center or IE7.0.  You’re be able to view the best of Windows Live Spaces and communicate with Friends and Family over Windows Live Messenger 8.1 with voice & text chat as well as make a phone call.   


Using this service, you can

  • Navigate through Live services in 3D interface using keyboard
  • Make PC to telephone calls
  • Do text/voice chats
  • Use Media Center remote control for navigation

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