Great Indian Blogger Hunt

Great Indian Blogger Hunt is a competition with total prize money of Rs. 1,55,40,000 organized by MIH Web Private Ltd. at ibibo blogs. The Competition has started and making big news these days in Indian blogosphere. Here are the comprehensive prize details


    • The Top Blogger wins Rs 6,00,000.
    • Bloggers ranked from 2 to 10 win Rs 3,60,000 each!
    • Bloggers ranked from 11-30 win Rs 1,80,000 each!
    • Bloggers ranked from 51-100 win Rs 90,000 each!



The tag line of competition goes like –

Write or show anything – absolutely anything! You don’t need to be a great writer, or journalist… Connect and network with millions.

Get Famous, Make friends.


Here is, how you can enter in the hunt

Go to the website and click on Start now! button. Write a blog post and publish it with few more details.


You can also use your mobile phone to participate in competition.

Type BLOG followed by what you want to say in your blog, and SMS it to 676746.


Now, you will have to blog regularly and popularize it by spreading the word about it. Ultimately you can end up winning a big prize money.


It is a great opportunity to all those people who are just getting started with blogging and also for those who feel that they have skills to make money through blogging. It is first of its kind, blogging contest in India where bloggers will be paid such huge amount for writing and popularizing their blogs. Definitely it will also add up in merchandising ibibo which has just started the blogging platform.

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