Some good recent Digital Inspiration posts

I was reading this blog and found few interesting posts which I would like to mention here.


The World’s Most Beautiful Women Bloggers of 2006 – I wish I had gotten that idea


Picasa Web Albums vs Flickr – Which Photo Sharing Service is Right for You ? – I vote for flickr and it is clear from the post, why?


What Are Bloggers Doing With Their Microsoft Ferrari Laptops –


Here’s a list of 15 bloggers (listed by Amit) who have received the hardware and what they intend to do with the Microsoft Christmas gift.

1. Mauricio Freitas – Decides to keep it.

2. Scott BealeWill probably give it away Will sell it on eBay, proceeds going to EFF.

3. Ed BottDecides to keep it – Will either send it back to Microsoft or auction it off for charity.

4. Mitch Denny – Gives it to his wife.

5. Darren Rowse – Will donate to charity after reviewing.

6. Barb Bowman – Decides to keep it.

7. Long Zheng – Will probably keep it.

8. Brandon LeBlanc – May offer it to blog readers or send it back to Microsoft.

9. Michael Arrington – May give to someone at CrunchGear.

10. Joey deVilla – Decides to keep it.

11. Marshall Kirkpatrick – Will probably return it to Microsoft.

12. Zen Heavengames – Decides to keep it.

13. Robert McLaws – Decides to keep it.

14. Mark Evans – Will give away in a contest.

15. Amit Agarwal [me] – Decides to keep it.


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