Google advertising itself and losing user trust

If you have been using Google regularly, you must have noticed one big change at Google – it is promoting its own services in form of Tips to the users along-with the search results. For example if you search for blog, you will be seeing a link to Blogger with the orange image and asking you –

Want to share your life online with a blog?


Blake Ross has written an excellent post on this new change – Tip: Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose.


Now can anyone tell Google that it is losing its credibility which it has made with users in all those users by asking them to go for its services. This trick is already being used by Yahoo and Ask. So Google, there is nothing like innovation in it but as you did in case of IE (tweaked for Google), by copying Yahoo style, it seems that now you are trying to become more like Yahoo! but then people are here to keep you reminding that it is not what they want.

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