Phrazr provides you to make your sentence become eternal by paying just one minute and $5!


Website says –


This site has been developed for you to write down the essence of your life in one sentence. These sentences will remain as a digital monument on the Internet and generations to come will read them until the end of days.


People have always had the desire to cheat mortality, they have created all kinds of monuments to make a piece of them stay. has committed themselves to keep a tiny but possibly very important piece of you for eternity. It is our mission to use the internet in this uncommon way, to keep these sentences for the coming generations and share the values you have created for them, forever.


Just divide the 5 dollars by the time your sentence will remain on the internet. It is obvious that you get a little piece of immortality for almost free. (No other charges)


You can even write a personal message and share the ID with someone whom you want to see the message.

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