5 step process to save your money

I stumbled upon this website of a young guy named Sreejith Ramakrishnan who has listed 5 step process which can increase your AdSense revenues by 200% – as stated by him. Here are the steps listed by him –


  1. Go to a website named Adsblacklist.com
  2. Register on the website with a username by going to sign up page
  3. Log in to your Adsblacklist.com account with your username and password
  4. After entering your website information, go to Generate list page and click on Generate List button in order to generate the list of sites related to your website’s content
  5. Now copy the list of websites and paste it in your AdSense account by going to AdSense Setup -> Competitive Filter


To read more, you can visit – 5 Steps To Increase Your Adsense Earning By 200%.

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