TechTribe is another Web 2.0 social networking website but pretty different from other social networking website. It is combination of the best features of Orkut, MySpace and LinkedIn. TechTribe is primarily created for business networking.

I am loving this website and very sure that I will be addicted to it more than I had been to Orkut at some time especially its 20 Questions feature rocks and can make anyone to leave footprints on your profile. At least, wherever I landed, I enjoyed answering the questions in limited time frame and sometimes, I missed the timelines! Then there are tribes just like communities in Orkut and Groups in Rediff Connexions. Your profile is sectioned in Identity, Expressions and Portfolio. Identity contains Personal and Professional sections. There is a friends Triber Network which Let us you know about people in your network. There is a Pings block for social messaging and Messages block for private messaging. No count of tribes, pings etc is displayed – so no more show off – a feature that I hate about Orkut. You can scroll through the netwrok list by right/left arrows or can see all on one page by clicking on All link. Be it whatever, the website is pretty fast – that’s what matter for back-end and you have lot of choices to view the users’ versatile info – flexibility, that’s what matter for UI. Now, here comes a robust social networking website which is also beneficial for your career and is not blocked by your company. Go get it and don’t forget to answer my 20 and add me to your friend list ;M).

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