You are addicted to blogging if…

Problogger has made a very nice post about 8 Signs it Might Be Time to Take a Break from Blogging. And Scoble has added few from his side also in his post Signs you’ve been blogging too much.


Summarizing them down here. First eight are by Problogger and last eight by Scoble. Don’t forget to read eight by me in the end.


  1. bloggers block – You just keep staring at monitor thinking about what to blog!
  2. when everything you do is ‘blogable’ – you keep getting ideas for blog posts from everything happening around you.
  3. when it intrudes on family – and you feel relations going apart.
  4. when you have unrealistic expectations – where you expect too much from blogging.
  5. when it intrudes on your health – you start listening breaking sounds of your body and mind.
  6. at the end of the week – you don’t take rest from blogging even on weekends.
  7. at vacation time – don’t start blogging even when on the vacation.
  8. when your sleep suffers – while you are blogging couple of new posts in late night!
  9. you blog about blogging.
  10. you attack an A-lister by saying he’s an echo-chamber enabler and only writes to get on TechMeme.
  11. you say “TechCrunch this” and “TechCrunch that.”
  12. you go to Twitter and write “I’m blogging.”
  13. you tell your boss you aren’t merely reading blogs, you’re doing customer research.
  14. you have taken your son to so many blogger meetups that he starts his own blog to protest.
  15. you know the CPMs of a dozen other bloggers’ ads.
  16. when you say “Nick” “Om” “Mike” “Shelley” everyone around you knows who you are talking about.


I agree rather meet almost all 8 of problogger but at very rare times and I satisfy very very few of those mentioned by Scoble. My 8 which I think should be satisfied by most of the blogholics/blog-mads are –


  1. keep reading the interesting feeds – in the time when you aren’t thinking about blogging
  2. makes notes – (for post ideas) when you know that you can’t blog or you don’t have resources to blog. And for photo-bloggers, they keep taking photos in hope of posting them as soon as they go online
  3. reloads you blog – in browser at-least 10 times in a day just to make sure that content is looking fine
  4. turn on the computer as very first thing in morning – to see the latest blog stats and to drop the dreams which you had about blogging
  5. Blog is the most occurring word – in your blog
  6. Keep track of your comments – and remain concerned about why your comments didn’t get commented
  7. keep thinking about blogging a happening – while it is occurring
  8. find out the un-intentional outages – of your blog-hosting or the image-hosting websites and don’t forget to mention them

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