First Vista Ad

First ever Vista marketing advertisement which Microsoft came up with –


Colorful but made for business users. I found that I can’t watch it to the length (1.43 minutes)…you can call it dull or uninteresting!!



Here goes the text in Ad…funny huh 🙂 –

  • introducing Windows Vista
  • see the difference in your revenues
  • a significant new business opportunity
  • valuable new solutions for your customers
  • more secure | more reliable | more potential to fuel your business
  • see the difference in mobility
  • deliver the enhanced mobility solutions your customers demand
  • see the difference in security
  • improve your customers’ peace-of-mind with new security features
  • see the difference with new solutions
  • build valuable solutions that meet specific customer needs
  • infrastructure management | information access and management | financial management | sales and marketing
  • see the difference in partner collaboration
  • connect with other partners to offer complete solutions
  • see the difference in a new computing experience
  • give consumers a spectrum of existing capabilities
  • Windows Vista
  • see the difference | partner opportunity


On lighter side, where went the grammatical check. Definitely the text of advertisement hasn’t been written in any Office product with spell-check on ;). It is being discussed that the ad makers are the same people behind Amway.


All I liked in this ad was color. So is it all about see(ing) the difference and fuss about word called new?

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