Western Culture analyzed

I came across this post (at Neverland) and then after reading it, I added few more points from my side. I am summarizing everything here –


Good Points

  1. Not much of difference in any job pays. Most people are paid the same irrespective of type of a job
  2. People do accept multiculturalism
  3. Kids independent at 18
  4. Men and women are equal
  5. Everyone has an equal right of speech. ( I have seen even a 5 year old kid given a chance to speak)
  6. More Liberal and open lifestyle/culture
  7. Almost unlimited opportunities for talented people
  8. No hierarchy in work place
  9. More advanced lifestyle especially when technology is applied in every field
  10. Almost negligible corruption



Bad Point

  1. Men and women are not really very serious about relationships
  2. Not much care for there parent. Expect the government to take care. ( I know a guy who charges his old mother to take her on a vacation)
  3. Everyone wants to live there own life. (really don’t much care about the other person)
  4. Too much fashion conscious at times
  5. Lonely and selfish lifestyle (very much similar to point 3)
  6. Materialistic world
  7. Social insecurity (when your own children possess weapons by the age of 15 and they have liberty to start fire anytime anywhere)
  8. Irrational modus vivendi
  9. Lust for limelight
  10. Unhealthy food habits


But then Good Points overpower Bad points and hence most of the Indian Girls look out there for NRIs :).

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