Bloglines got a new feature – Playlists

Now you can keep your favorite feeds in form of playlists just the way it works in winamp. Bloglines has come up with this very useful feature.


Playlists let you view your existing feeds in smaller sets available with a single click. What song Playlists are to your MP3 library, Bloglines Playlists are to your Bloglines blogs & feeds.


You will notice a new tab with name Playlists at right-most of the previous 3 tabs in left pane of your landing page of bloglines. Whereas on the right pane, you will be informed about this latest feature at bloglines. There is a step by step procedure about creating playlists. It is quite easy to create different playlists for different categories like the ones you want to visit frequently or  the ones which are tech-related or about life-style.

Previously, I had to create 2 folders for same category just because there used to be the feeds which I would like to read regularly and other for the feeds which I will be visiting occasionally. And I always felt need of creating a section where I can select feeds from single category which I will be visiting regularly and idea of playlist is just brilliant in that scenario.


After clicking on the playlist tab, you can add a playlist by clicking on the Add link. You are presented with the all the folders in the right pane where you can select differently feeds for single playlist and also you need to give name to the playlist. Selecting the feeds from your folders and creating the playlist is just a work of seconds and it is quite simple. You just need to select the feed check-boxes plus give a name to your playlist and a playlist name will appear in left pane after clicking on the Save button. The feeds appear in playlist in same folder structure as they exist in you Feeds tab.

And when you select a playlist, 5 most recent posts for its feeds appear in the right pane. There is more. When you hover your mouse over the posts, you are shown a quick look of it in form of first couple of lines.

I would call it a Web 2.0 feature as I haven’t been through such revolutionizing feature in any of the other online feed readers.

The only thing that I am missing here and which doesn’t resemble with actual playlist feature (I am talking about muzic) is that here you can’t export the playlist. It had been better if ability to export the playlists in form of OMPL files had been provided so that you could had been using that OMPL file of your favorite feeds in your favorite feed desktop reader also – if needed. I will be looking for this feature to be incorporated in bloglines in near future.

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