Check your emails on your cell

Who says that you need to have Yahoo! POP account in order to check your emails on your native mobile (I mean Nokia 1100)? All you need to have internet enabled on your cell, cummon that is obvious 🙄

Flurry gives you ability to check your mails on fly from Yahoo!, Google, Lycos and Hotmail. It is FREE. Go to the website, download the app on your cell, install it and you are done. It uses secure connection, what else is required? Ok, it is too fast. It works with multiple accounts. You can search your mail. Our country is the one, it covers…now be
happy :M)

More about flurry –

flurry enables you to receive all of your personal email and news on your cell phone, with revolutionary ease of use. Some of the features you’ll find when you sign up: 
1.  Search your mail and news, on your phone. Even with hundreds of messages, you can easily find what you’re looking for with SimpleSearchTM. Just start typing what you are looking for, the same way you use T9, and flurry will find what you are looking for quickly. 

2.  Multiple email accounts, One Phone. Have multiple email accounts? So do a lot of people, between your ISP, webmail, etc.. You can add them all to your account and access them all in one place. 

3.  Man, it’s fast. You’re a busy person, and you don’t have time to wait 5 minutes for your phone to open your email account. flurry is blazingly fast, and works even when your cell phone signal is low or non-existent.

Well, you better try it now because the plans of guys behind is taking it to premium stage in future and premium means paid!

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