Netvibes is working offline and some Web 2.0

Finally, Netvibes is available offline and now, you can access it even when you aren’t online. You can click the different tabs and navigate through the feeds. But you can see the content only when you are online – that is of course, obvious :). It is nice to see the good changes happening on this excellent online feed reader. I am happy to see the recent update here.


If you want to have a feel of Windows Vista without installing it, you may like to download and install one of these excellent tools –


Here is a website which seems to be bringing the next sensation after AJAX in Web 2.0 space. Now you can handle your clipboard online and now copy-paste can be done for online objects instead of mere text (the way it is done in desktop tools/editors like MICROSOFT WORD). Visit Live Clipboard Example!


Desktop Blogging Update: I have migrated to Windows Live Writer Beta for time being from w.blogger as it has better look (why you don’t like to use your online editor?), better feel, more features and memorable shortcuts, different layouts option and you are not asked to save draft on your HDD…it is just saved.

One limitation of Writer is that I have so many Categories in my blog that they aren’t being displayed properly in this Beta. It is at top-right. When I click on down link, a screen long list is populated and for rest of the categories, there isn’t any scrollbar…so they aren’t accessible at all.

2 thoughts on “Netvibes is working offline and some Web 2.0”

  1. Performancing for Firefox extension is a good one too but I switched to Windows Live Writer recently. I found that Live Writer doesn’t update the categories properly. Also, it puts image files in ‘WindowsLiveWriter’ directory. any suggestions how to avoid keeping files in this directory?

  2. Yup, Performancing is the best ever desktop blogging tool as has been mentioned by top blogging websites but then you want to have something even when Firefox isn’t around.

    I started with Live Writer for some time and then stopped using it because of few other problems like it doesn’t publish your WordPress blog post on right date but for Jan, 1970. I also faced the problem mentioned by you related categories. But then there isn’t any related help over web or on Microsoft’s website for these issues.

    I started using alternate blogging softwares which are equivalent to this tool like BlogJet and open source PostXING. I am loving both of these.

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