Get back Microsoft product serials with Keyfinder

Warning: It is not about any crack/patch software but a legal download for registered Microsoft products.

If you are looking for Microsoft product serial which is installed on your machine. It may happen if you have a laptop which came to you with pre-installed version of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft office but you don’t have the key. Now, your PUNEET is getting slow because of all the junk installed on your machine and you want to get rid of all those spy-wares by formatting the disk and clean install of things all again – it helps and your PC really boot up with better performance. So now the problem is that you don’t have the product keys.

Keyfinder is the software which helps you to find the keys for pre-installed Microsoft products on your pc. You can export the list of found keys to a file. It is able to search serials for 90 software titles. It has 2 versions – Full and Lite. This software is completely free. Full version needs .NET 2.0 FX installed while lite version is an executable and doesn’t need any .NET 2.0 FX installation but MSVBVM60.dll which is already present on most of the computers.

It will be illegal to use this software to steal keys from PCs other than you, so better you use it on your PC only!

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